Sunday, October 27, 2013

Online Buying Trends

Online Buying Trends India

Online shopping is just about ease of shopping, better discounts, speedy delivery of goods and the ability to pay cash on delivery  and money back guarantee are key drivers which have reinvented the wheel of shopping altogether with a new potential only to bring about a progressive change in the field of shopping. However though there is more of a positive quotient to it, the cons could not be overlooked altogether.
Just a thought of standing in a long queue for your turn at a store’s cash counter, when you could buy the same goods from the comfort of your home at competitive prices of different websites and have the goods delivered to your doorstep isn’t it enough that you rush to your PC to shop online!
It’s like you would get a far better deal shopping online whether you buy groceries or the latest smartphones. Consumers in India are aware of this and are no longer distrust of shopping online as they were some years ago.  While maybe online shopping is still a myth to citizens in underdeveloped countries, it’s finding new admirers and users every day.
Online merchants are on the optimistic fragment that there will be more sales in terms of volume this year based on the recent report by Google India that says online shopping in India registered an impressive growth of 128 percent as compared to 40 percent.
A Look at few online buying trends:
1.    Use of Mobile Phones and tablets will be more to make online purchases than before.
2.    Books are the most popular online purchase, followed by clothing/accessories/shoes, videos/DVDs/games, airline tickets and electronic equipment.
3.    Among variety of categories, emerging categories like baby products, health and nutrition & also Apparels and accessories witnessed the most growth and it will surpass even electronics.
4.    63 percent of people who shop online are women.
5.    The world’s most avid Internet shoppers are South Koreans, with 99 percent of Internet users in that country having shopped online.
6.    German, UK and Japanese consumers come in a close second, with U.S. consumers trailing in eighth place.
7.    Top drivers of online shopping growth are faster delivery, Cash on Delivery facility, discounted rates, access to branded products and cash-back guarantee on faulty goods.
8.    Top reasons that prevented online buyers from making purchases online were inability to touch and feel, inability to return goods, longer delivery times, need for posting financial details and inability to bargain.
9.    Customers prefer to contact sales or customer service via online chats, as opposed to phone contact.
10. Gaining consumer trust remains one of the most important drivers for online shopping growth in India

However, Indian e-commerce industry faces a number of challenges; they include lack of robust network especially in the region of product delivery i.e it is sometimes challenging to reach remote areas owing to the vast geography of India.

In a young nation like India where 54 percent of population is under the age of 25 who will increasingly prefer E-shopping, it seems that the best is yet to be, for online shopping!

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