Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mobile Marketing Importance & Advantages

Mobile Marketing Advantages

Today, Marketers in the digital world are constantly trying to find most opportunistic ways of marketing to their target audiences, searching for innovative ways to market their products & services. 

Mobile Marketing is very much the thing for all marketers. Offering various benefits, it has practically changed the face of conventional marketing as well as bringing in a lot more connectivity, Mobile Marketing is going far beyond e-Marketing and the way companies view this aspect of business. 

Mobile is no longer something you can afford to ignore. As customers adoption of mobile grows, you need to find ways to leverage mobile marketing tools to optimize their experience, no matter what device they’ re on, whether you’ve already been experimenting with mobile marketing or just getting started.

Mobile marketing works to promote a brand's awareness and drive positive consumer actions. Mobile Marketing is the platform that helps to maintain a connection with your target audience in a much faster & cost effective way.

In principle there are some very distinct advantages of mobile phone marketing. These benefits are what make this type of advertising strategy both profitable and interesting for big business in the modern era.

Advantages include:

·         Instant Results - Users always carry their mobile phones with them & this means he or she receives the message at the very moment it is sent. Even if it is in standby mode, the message is received as soon as the user turns on his mobile device. Hence, mobile marketing techniques are always almost instant.

·         Very easy to employ – Creating out content for mobile devices, such as text, images or video is simpler as compared with the same for desktops or laptops. The user can keep the virtual information with him and carry it around till the time he needs to use it.
  • Convenient to use – A small screen size of a mobile phone, limits the scope of content that can be displayed. This makes it convenient for the creators of the content, who can keep it basic and simple.

  • Direct Interactive marketing - The mobile platform interacts directly with users on their mobile phones. This allows for personalized interaction to a large extent. Using this benefit, marketers can even start a direct dialogue with the user, getting instant feedback via SMS.
  • Reduced targeting errors and improved data management - In comparison to other personalized messaging channels, having a unique ID – phone number – will dramatically improve CRM integrity for marketers.
·         Improved time relevance - The always-on and always-aware nature of mobile devices provides more timely communications than any other channel. In addition, the use of mobile SMS/MMS and mobile micro-blogging tools enable informality. The average response time for SMS messages is dramatically less than that of email or postal mail. This improved time relevancy is likely to enhance the quality of marketing conversations.
These are only the primary and obvious advantages to using mobile phone marketing today. In time, as the numbers of mobile devices exceeds even current statistics, it may amaze the world even more. The access to direct communication with users is a tool that is to the advantage in both sides of the transaction. Users benefit by the convenience and getting personalized marketing tailored to their lifestyle. The advertisers benefit from the quickness and cost effective aspects in the turnaround for completion of their sales. Business and personal worlds are actually synchronized in a way that has never been seen in human history. As technology advances, it will be interesting to see what other advantages are awaiting.

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